The Middle East in 1874, © Cartography Associates, David Rumsey Collection

Established in 1992, the Centre for International Studies (CIS) exists to promote and advance research in International Relations. One of the largest and most active centres in Europe, CIS serves as the focal point for International Relations research in Oxford -- convening seminars and conferences, hosting visiting scholars, and organising externally funded research projects.

There are currently five main research themes which involve a mixture of major research programmes, other externally-funded research projects, and the individual research of faculty and research fellows. These are:

  1. Global Order and International Institutions
  2. Global Economic Governance
  3. The Changing Character of War
  4. International Normative Theory
  5. The International Relations of Major Regions of the World

All of this work combines serious engagement with processes of change and emerging patterns of conflict and cooperation on the one hand with an emphasis on the still critical role of states and of major power relations on the other. Details of current programmes and projects can be found by clicking here, and in the most recent Annual Report.

The Centre organizes an extensive programme of lectures, conferences and workshops, including book manuscript workshops (for more information see here), and there are close links with related centres in Oxford, as well as active collaborative with a network of similar centres across the world.

The work of CIS is closely tied to an outstandingly successful graduate programme. With around 25 full-time IR faculty members, Oxford is one of the top centres in Europe for graduate work in International Relations. For further details of International Relations in Oxford click here. For details of graduate studies click here.