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Fri 05 September 2014 to Sat 06 September 2014, 10:00

'Complex Evolutions: Media and Democratization in Contemporary Asia'

Venue:Pavilion Room, Gateway Building, St. Antony's College

Taiwan Studies Programme Annual Conference

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The relationship between mass media and democratization is multifaceted, and such intricacy is particularly prominent in the Asian context, where divergences in media systems co-exist with juxtapositions of different regime types ranging from functional democracies, hybrid polities, to non-democracies. Additionally, a diverse array of media institutions in Asia—ranging from commercial media systems run by multinational corporations or local conglomerates to citizen-based media models to state-owned enterprises—differs in the degree of technological change, commercialization and professionalization. What is, after all, the actual role of mass media as a democratizing agent in the Asian context? Are these media agencies the guardians of the public sphere or lapdogs of the power elite? Are they agents of participatory democracy or purveyors of consumer capitalism? Much of the debate over the actual role of the media in the democratization of various societies in Asia demands a close examination of such questions. At a time when tensions between media and government run high in some Asian societies such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, the need for empirically grounded explorations of aforementioned issues in different Asian countries is stronger than ever before.

The aim of Complex Evolutions: Media and Democratization in Contemporary Asia is to bring together academics to examine the present manifestations of media-democratization relationship in Asia from multiple perspectives and through a variety of country case studies which deal with different patterns of communication and media platforms against the backdrops of diverse political frameworks.

Fourteen papers will be presented at the Conference, including Dr Henry Laurence (Bowdoin College), Dr Tze-Luen Lin (National Taiwan University), Dr Ran Wei (University of South Carolina), Dr Jason Abbott (University of Louisville) and Professor John Fuh-sheng Hsieh (University of South Carolina).